Friday BBQ Nights On Terrace Bar

Terrace bar in the evening

End your week on a high

Finish your working week perched above the city streets on our Terrace Bar. Every Friday, we’ll be providing BBQ treats, live DJ tunes, Happy Hour cocktails and more. Our much-loved open air bar can be found on level 3 at Sheraton Melbourne Hotel. We hear it’s the perfect space to unwind after a busy week with friends and colleagues!

Fridays: 5pm-8pm

on the menu

Grilled skewers, served with your choice of a garden salad or Greek salad

Chicken skewer Indian style topped with mint yoghurt. $8 each

Lamb skewer Greek style topped with garlic sauce. $8 each

Pork belly skewer Korean style topped with Kim Chi mayo. $8 each

Thai style grilled prawns $7.50 each

Mushroom skewers, topped with aioli. $6 each

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